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The ultimate add-on for any game designer! Easily create stunning lightmaps for your game in half the time! Conveniently integrated directly into Blender 3D

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About Path Tracing

To make computer graphics looks realistic you need to physically simulate the light. Path tracing naturally simulates many effects of the light such as soft shadows, depth of field, motion blur, caustics, ambient occlusion, and indirect lighting. However, this process tends to take a lot of time, since it requires many samples in order to have a realistic result. Even with many samples the user can often still run into the issue of “noise”.

Why You Need This Add-on

Noise ruins the realism of your work, defeating the purpose of path tracing.

When baking, even with a higher sample count there is only slight improvement. It is not worth taking more of your valuable time with only mediocre result!

Thankfully, now you can use the Batch Bake Blender Add-on with Texture Denoising feature.

About Lightmaps

Many great games and simulations are optimized best by pre-computing this light simulation before the run-time, this process is called light map "bake". Some games are simply too slow when computing the lighting at run-time, and require very expensive hardware to run affecting sales and making them impossible to run on mobile devices.

However, even with baking, we still have the "noise" problem, and applying simple 2D image filters for light map textures does not work for many reasons. For example, it will ignore things like adjacent faces, edges, normals, difference of shapes between faces and other features of the 3D mesh.

Noevu Batch Bake Is the ultimate solution for all of these problems! The Denoise option on it enables a texture noise reduction that considers the mesh geometry and gets rid of the unwanted noise.

And it can do even more! check out the other features:


Usage Example

Create a Simple Test Scene



You should see the result below. Now you can change the lighting and the objects and bake the whole scene again by just pressing Bake!


Some features inherited from BakeTool and improvements

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Noevu Batch Bake Blender Add-on and Noevu Texture Tool

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Results Demonstration

Checkout this WebGL interactive demonstration with level assets made using the early access version of this product (results with the current version can be even better), before adding the materials, its lightmaps where made by just adding a bake job, adding the selected 39 objects to the Batch Bake, adding a pass with only 512 samples and clicking "Bake". Texture nodes, UV Mapping and texture resolution settings were made automatically by the Noevu Batch Bake.

Animation loop made with Blender OpenGL Render and Noevu Batch Bake:

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